WPC#1: Growth

๐ŸŒ…The joy of watching paintings in the sky with the growth of the sunrise!

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Deep inside me at my core is where my mother lives by Cassia Berman

Deep inside me at my core is where my Mother lives.

She is not the noise of the world.

She is deep inside me.

The noise can talk about Her truth

but it is only in secret places in the body that Her truth breathes.

Go into those places and transform negative thoughts and feelings into oneness with Her.

Let Her embrace you and be your friend.

She dwells deep in the heart of all matter so to truly know Her is to have a friend everywhere and everywhere be in Her embrace.

Let yourself relax now

and that secret embrace

will penetrate from inside outwards

dissolving your fears and anxieties and tensions

like the most profound message.

I call my inner being Mother

for when She is released from within

She is like a Mother I loved

within the mother I knew โ€”

larger and wiser, more loving and gentle

than the voice of the world in my mind,

which sometimes sounds like the mother I knew

but is losing its power to rule me.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Ruthart – View from my kitchen this morning