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My Daily Release #274: On this beautiful full moon day I release lonliness….

Alone But Not Lonely



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I am finding that most of my frustrations come from people who do not know how to listen! They assume, they have opinions, they hear what they want to hear….and the list goes on, and on, and on!!!!

My Chinese Crested dog Sofie was born completely deaf. In order to ‘listen’, Sofie is always searching for eye contact with everyone in our house and ‘reads’ our body language throughout each and every day. She has learned to pay absolute attention in order to be able to communicate effectively with everyone and everything in her world, and believe me when I say she does not skip a heartbeat!!!!

My Daily Release #272: Letting go of ‘hearing’ because there are so many other ways to ‘listen’….


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Yesterday I drove to the Muskoka’s in search of a new seasonal campsite. As I drove along the highways guided by the clouds in the sky. Arriving at my destination, a campground situated next to a beautiful lake, I introduced myself and asked if I could take a look around. It turned out a campsite atop a rocky ridge was available. The park managers gave me a map of the campground and circled site #37 for me to go and take a look to see if I liked it. I was in absolute awe of the view!! Now I am faced with the choice of whether to stay at my present campground or move here!

My Daily Release #271: I have decided to sacrifice my summer home and all my friends in Lafontaine so I may move forward to my new future….

Stay or Leave