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My Daily Release #244: Letting go of people who are not nice….


When You Are Important


I have grown very tired of friends that are rude. I now have zero tolerance for lies, excuses and broken promises! After having made huge efforts to reach out and then having the kindness and attention reciprocated, IT’S TIME TO LET THAT RELATIONSHIP GO!
My Daily Release #30: Letting go of complicated freeloading relationships

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I have had my share of dishonest people in my life. From now on, if I feel someone is lying to me, I will call them on it IMMEDIATELY, or as soon as I find out they fibbed. Otherwise, the lie will eat away at me for a very long time AND the other person won’t even realize that I know I was lied to. If years should go by without me confronting the dishonest person, s/he won’t even remember the lie they told!

My Daily Release #241: Letting go of dishonest people

Letting Go


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I have been in relationships which I have continued for years on end (even though I was bullied or hurt) rather than confronting the persons with how I felt. Not any more. I will now speak up and say what is on my mind rather than keeping quiet and fuming under my breath. In doing so, if I lose the friendship, so be it. I would rather live without the so called friend than to betray my dignity.

My Daily Release #240: Letting go of the need to hang on….