Words Vs. Actions

Words Vs. Actions

My Daily Release #31: I release blindly believing what I hear and believe more of what I see!


STOP the Quarry!


Seth Klarman thought it best to consult with his dynamite oracle before investing billions to scavenge Melancthon’s farmlands.

I join the many concerned citizens requesting an environmental assessment for the proposed mega-quarry in Melancthon Township.

In the Highland Company’s 3,124 page proposal they claim that there would be “NO ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT” as a result of a mega quarry. How absurd! Where’s the regard for responsible co-existence with the community and the environment? 600 million litres of water manipulated DAILY while being contaminated with 20 tonnes of TNT, DAILY!! What water purification system is able to deal with that amount of toxic poisons penetrating our fresh waters?

Our natural resources should not be allowed to be exploited in this way. As responsible citizens, environmental assessments must be our utmost priority! There is no compromise for the health and welfare of our people and wildlife. We are the keepers and destroyers of the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat! Our environment and it’s resources are our most precious commodities!!

We are in a time of history where we must conserve our farmlands, preserve our eco-systems and fresh water lakes, rivers and watersheds! Our existence on this planet has become extremely fragile. Do not allow our environment, farmlands and fresh waters to be sacrificed! Our future and our health is at risk! Do not place us at the mercy of these businessmen seeking approval for this destructive mega-quarry. 

In 1893 Algonquin Park was established to HELP stop the depletion of forest, declining fish and game stocks, and to PRESERVE the major watersheds in the area. If it wasn’t for Alexander Kirkwood being so adamant about conservation, we would not have one of the world’s most famous and important parks!! Today, Canada is still in it’s infrastructure infancy! The FUTURE of our treasured farmlands, the quality and quantity of the ecosystem and watersheds in our Niagara Escarpment is in the hands of TODAY’s decision makers. We need to preserve our watersheds and farmlands for our future. This destruction is PREVENTABLE! PLEASE HELP STOP THE QUARRY!!!!
My Daily Release #26: I release seeing myself as an insignificant small person up against the forces of filthy rich transcontinental organizations. The forces of good and evil are always working together and I know that justice will prevail!



Outgrowing relationships and situations is slow and difficult but necessary. Arriving at a place where I suddenly realize my heart is not there anymore brings about the difficult task to release that certain person, place or thing. There will be much resistance from everywhere, but you know that to stay would mean you were not being true to yourself. And you do not need approval to be true to yourself.

My Daily Release #25: To become learned, each day add something. To become enlightened, each day drop something! ~ Lao Tzu